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​Tips for a Good Night's Rest on a Hot Night

A good night’s sleep can have you feeling like a superhero. Ready to take on whatever the day throws at you, feeling positive and able to make better decisions. But a good sleep can be hard work if the humidity is at 99 per cent and there’s a mosquito buzzing around your ear.

Here are our top tips to you the best possible chance of getting some decent ‘shut-eye’ when the temperature rises.

Use 100% cotton sheets

Cotton allows you to breathe, unlike polyester which will have you tossing and turning, throwing the blankets off and then reaching for them again when the temperature drops. All Bedpost stores offer a modern range of sheets and duvet covers to suit your decor.

Cooling tricks when you don’t have air-con

Apply some ice packs on your wrists, neck, elbows, groin, ankles, and behind the knees (the pulse points). This has a wonderful instantaneous cooling effect on the body.

Keep the air moving and if you have the option to keep a window open – do. To cool down on even the hottest night, place a damp sheet or fan in front of the open window to create a cross-breeze.

Have a warm (not hot) shower before bed - refreshing but also very relaxing.

If you are fortunate enough to have air-con in your bedroom but worried that the noise may keep you awake, turn it on a few hours before bedtime to really bring the humidity down and increase your chances of getting to sleep at a reasonable time.

Plug it in

Have some mosquito repellent plugs on hand. Seriously, is there anything more irritating than being bitten between the toes?

Keep your feet cool

All those pulse points in your hands and feet warm up fast! Time to sit back and chill those feet in a bucket of cool water before hopping into bed.

Wear loose clothing

Whether you are a pyjama person, a t-shirt and undies person or a nightshirt person, make sure they are loosely fit so you have room to move about. Just as with your sheets, think natural fibres. Cotton and linen are just the ticket while polyester will only make you feel hotter – and not in a good way!

Create a routine

Read a book at night and not your phone and limit your caffeine intake for the morning only. Granted – these ideas won’t help you stay cool, but they do mentally prepare you for a more restful sleep. And let’s face it – this is part of the battle.

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